The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker Featured in Edible Columbus Spring Edition (via )

Sustainable food- It’s a cause near and dear to my heart. You see, farming is in my roots and if you trace the blood lines back as far as you can go, I come from a rural people. My kin, on both branches of my family tree, left rural Germany to land here in the United States then venture forth to the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area to live off the bounty of the earth. Eventually moving on to the Ohio valley, They toiled long and hard to clear the land and make it fit for hearth and harvest.

For generations now (more than seven strong), local food was so much more to my families than a buzz word or catch phrase for the latest foodie trend. Local food was running a farm by which to feed your family, friends and neighbors. The land provided you with just what you needed and any abundance was stored back for the leaner, harsher seasons. There where no large industrial farms and if you didn’t grow it yourself, you could find the products you needed either from the neighbor down the road or the little market “up the way a piece”.

My father was a farmer, that is up until he decided he had enough of waking at the crack of dawn to milk cows or bail hay! It was there that my roots strayed elsewhere- but not far enough that I forget not only my heritage, but the value of a hearty meal born of the earth as well!

With this heritage and remembrance of times past, I have not forgotten my link to the days when you feed yourself directly from the earth.  All the nutrients and soul where not sucked out of your diet via the process of making food “commercially accessible”. Our creator provided us with a food system, and as we have run astray from that system, we have lost site of the true value of where and how are meals are born.

This is precisely why I am sharing story of The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker Brand, a line of local food products that are grown, processed and produced within a 30 mile radius in west-central Ohio… the heart of American agriculture.

This is how food was meant to be- “REAL FOOD, REAL GOOD!”

The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker Featured in Edible Columbus Spring Edition The Farmer, The Miller and The Baker are getting a little press! We’re proud to be featured in the Spring Edition of Edible Columbus, our closest division of Edible Communities Publications. Take heed foodies and families: If you’re still unfamiliar with Edible Publications, you should find a way to pick up the spring issue today in your area. Edible Publications spread the good word about the importance of local food not only in our fertile Ohio … Read More



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