Meals on Wheels

1,095- It’s the number of meals we eat in a year’s time when we get our prerequisite three squares a day. That’s 1,095 chances to satisfy the most basic of urges. Three days into this experimental project and I am already starting to ponder the myriad of ways in which we can possible go about achieve this basic drive; the need to nourish ourselves. In our household we strive to start each day with a hearty breakfast. The A.M. meal could easily be my favorite of the day. But with its other two siblings, it quickly becomes a toss up. Yes, I simply love food, food in most any form. Still, breakfast holds a spot near and dear in my heart. Here is a shot from this particular day:

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Goda and Spinach Raspberry- Walnut Salad


Breakfast soon fades to lunch and on some days, heck, who am I kidding…MOST days, not soon enough! Being one who attempts to keeping things fresh and local when it comes to meal time, finding a decent meal on the go can be somewhat of a challenge at times. Ergo on a day like today when we are rushing off to the big city (and yes, when you live in rural Ohio, Columbus can be considered a BIG CITY!) for a day of after Christmas shopping and spending gift cards, a decent meal is relegated to relatively few choices, Even in relatively large metropolis like Columbus. Enter Northstar Café:


We grab a quick and very tasty lunch and we are recharged and off to the races for a full day of shopping. I would have loved to have found one of those mobile food trucks which are all the current rage and I know exist in Columbus, but Northstar is a worthy fix nonethe less…



A day of being drug around the mall by a teenager can be draining, even for a somewhat fashion forward guy like myself. Store after store we searched the Easton Town Center for THE RIGHT OUT FIT! Add to that the fact Leslie and I had both been granted “gift passes” to Williams-Sonoma for Christmas and it made for quite the lengthy outing. On the go much of the day, we arrive home relatively late in the evening for dinner, so I scoured to fridge and decided to pull out leftovers from our New Years dinner the day before.

Pork Loin Sandwich with Braised Purple Cabbage and Spring Salad with Roasted Beets


As I venture into this project of daily documentation and meal exploration, I am quickly starting to realize how much we cruise through our meal selections when we aren’t forced to examine it. Even more so how little thought we can tend to direct towards our nutrition. It’s rather refreshing to put the kind of forethought back into the process it deserves!

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